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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Good Websites To Use

When looking to buy a car there are a few good websites that you can use. The biggest one is They have pretty much car dealerships in every big city in the United States. Once you find a car you like you can go there and check it out.

Lets say you want to go shopping for a new car but don't know which type of car to start from. You want to know if it has a good miles per gallon. can do the trick for you as well. They describe what kind of feature the car you are looking has, its performance, and more. They have numerous pictures of the car you like and some even have videos.

If you ever get up and don't know what car you want with the performance and specs you are looking for then go to for more help.

Best Place To Buy Car?

You want to buy a new car and don't know where to start. My suggestion don't buy a car from a place that looks crappy. Look for business like these:

Try to stay away from these types:

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Convertible Cars

A convertible car has a roof that can retract and fold away without having windows. Of course these cars are not as cheap as a simple 4-door with a hard,steady roof, There are a few cons to having a convertible roof.

  • reduced safety
  • might not operate right and get stuck during bad weather
  • poor break in protection
  • less cargo space
Of course the ladies love these types of cars you might want to think about buying one.

2007 BMW 3 Series Convertible

Sport Cars

A sports car is small, minimum weight, 2-door, and made for high performance and high speed driving. Here are some popular sport cars.

Lamborghini Marcelino Performance Test:

Pickup Trucks

A truck is a light/heavy motor vehicle that has an open-top rear cargo area. There are sport, compact, full size, mid size, and muscle trucks. 





2010 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Review

Sport Utility Vehicle

The Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) are also known as off - road countries in other countries. They have a 4x4 tires.  These are cars are not the most fuel efficient either. These cars are also expensive usually start around $25k to $30k.

Here is a Toyota 4Runner SUV Review and Road Test: